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    JM Concept

    The specialist in signal conditioning devices

    JM Concept designs, manufactures, and markets, internationally, high-precision devices. They allow the insulation, measurement, and conversion of various signals and electrical values (temperature, pressure, weighing, current, voltage, etc.). They then transmit these signals on various fieldbuses. We have more than 1,000,000 devices in service worldwide. We design, innovate, and adapt our devices to market requirements to be universal, modular, reliable, and economically competitive. We make every effort, with our teams of engineers and salespeople, instrumentalists, and automation engineers, to optimize the specific isolation, measurement, conversion, and transmission solutions of our customers. Our 4.0 (IOT) devices add intelligence and connectivity to standard sensors, connecting them directly to the cloud via our smart and communicating solutions. We guarantee our products from 5 to 10 years.

    Featured products

    Acquisition solution

    UHLIS Connected Data Acquisition Solution

    • Pluggable solution, with 4 isolated inputs in current or voltage, digital inputs or pulse counting, reducing the footprint to 5.6mm per input.
    • Its ModbusTCP connection via an RJ45 makes it easy to transmit data to existing installations and/or the cloud.
    • It exists in several versions: UHLIS 3000TCP (ModbusTCP) / UHLIS 3000MUX (ModbusTCP and MQTT) / UHLIS 0040T0 (Counter).
    • UHLIS is guaranteed for 5 years.
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    Power Measurement Station

    Measure your Energy Consumption

    • Measure and convert any parameter from primary and compound values.
    • Any type of electrical network, single-phase, three-phase, balanced or not.
    • With 3 or 4 wires and for any current value (5A) or voltage (700V).
    • Galvanically isolated outputs from each other.
    • There are several versions: WK 6000TU / WK 6000TS / WK 6000IS / WK 6000MUX.

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    Protocol Multiplexing for Measurement

    The WK improves the control and optimization of the energy consumption of the installations; It measures and converts all electrical network parameters of any type. The WK 6000MUX is designed for Modbus TCP and MQTT multiplexed connection.

    Druck UNIK5000

    ULCOS Universal Transmitters

    Our ULCOS allow the isolation, measurement, and transmission of various signals: sensors, current, voltage and frequency. ULCOS are guaranteed 10 years.

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