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    Platform Scales

    Platform weighing scales are a brilliant solution for weighing large and bulky items. The platform where the items are weighed is linked to a display, which shows the weight. These platform scales are made from tough durable materials to sustain heavy goods, with weight capacity of up to 5 tonnes in some scales. Used to measure large bulky items within factories, warehouses, farms, shops and quarries. Platform scales from RS provide weighing options in grams (g), kilograms (kg), Pounds (lbs) and Stone (St).

    Calibrated Platform Weighing Scales

    When your scales are in constant use, it’s important they stay accurate, one way to ensure this is through calibrating your scales. Having your scales calibrated will ensure your scales are reading true every time to a high level of accuracy. RS offers a calibrated option at initial purchase stage and a yearly calibration service all to RSCAL standard.

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