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    Pallet Scales

    Pallet scales from RS provide weighing options in kilograms (kg) and tons (t) and grains (gn). These scales are to allow a typically sized pallet or large bulky items to be precisely measured. Pallet scales can measure a range of items within different applications and environments, as long as it’s within there weighing capacity. 

    Calibrated Pallet Scales

    When your weighing scales are in constant use, it’s important to know if the scales are reading properly. Having your scales calibrated will ensure your scales are reading true every time to high levels of accuracy. RS offers a calibrated option at initial purchase stage and a yearly calibration service all to RSCAL standard.

    Where are Pallet Scales used for?

    Pallet weighing scales are used to weight heavy pallet loads and bulky items. Used in warehouses, food production and factories. Tending to be more permanently fixed within an area to allow larger items to be bought to the scales. Pallet weighing scales are very versatile and easy to use, which is why they can be most commonly found in:

    • Warehouses
    • Laboratories or research facilities
    • Factories
    • Automotive industry
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