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    Pocket Scales

    Pocket digital scales from RS provide weighing options in grams (g), carats (ct) and grains (gn). They are precise measurement devices that can measure a range of items within different applications and environments, as long as it’s within there weighing capacity. The scales are a handy, compact size, making them easy to carry around for when you need them. Pocket scales are ideal for weighing small objects such as jewellery. Most pocket scales have a built-in digital LCD screen, which can quickly and display the weight of the item.

    Calibrating your Pocket Weighing Scales

    When your weighing scales are in constant use, it’s important to know if the scales are reading properly. Having your scales calibrated will ensure your scales are reading true every time to high levels of accuracy. RS offers a calibrated option at initial purchase stage and a yearly calibration service all to RSCAL standard.

    Where are Pocket Scales used for?

    Weighing scales can range in design from being ultra-compact and portable, easy to transport and store away, especially for weighing smaller items on the go. Weighing scales are versatile and easy to use, which is why they can be most commonly found in:

    • Schools or universities
    • Laboratories or research facilities
    • Shops
    • Factories
    • Warehouses
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