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    Norgren VP50 Solenoid Valves

    For optimal flow control in your pneumatic system the VP50 Pressure Control Valves by Norgren are an ideal solution. Globally trusted pneumatics experts, Norgren have a comprehensive selection of pneumatic solenoid valves to choose from here at RS, including the VP50 series.

    What are the advantages of the Norgren VP50 valves?

    These 3-way proportional pressure control valves feature benefits such as high flow, fast response times, low power consumption, mounting via manifold, feedback signal, and adjustable gain and pressure range. These valves have a tough aluminium body and zinc die cast lid, offering durability even in harsh industrial applications. IP65 rated, these units are protected against dust ingress and resistant to low pressure jets of water.

    Why choose Norgren?

    For many years Norgren have created innovative engineering solutions in the fields of precise motion control and fluid technology, making them a respected market leader. Their products are designed to improve speed, productivity, reliability and efficiency of machinery and equipment, as well as save energy and costs. With Norgren, you can be sure to find the perfect fit for your pneumatic installation.

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