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    Festo Solenoid Valves

    Browse our extensive range of Festo solenoid valves. Known for precision, reliability, and versatility, Festo solenoid valves are suitable for various applications and industries.

    What Festo Solenoid Valves are Available?

    We stock a wide range of Festo solenoid valves. Popular series include:

    • VUVS Series: Designed for versatile industrial applications with high flow rates
    • VUVG Series: Highly flexible solenoid valves suitable for a wide range of applications.
    • VSNC Series: Compact solenoid valves ideal for controlling media in various industries.
    • VZWF Series: Proportional solenoid valves offering precise control of flow rates and pressures.
    • MHE2 Series: Compact design and reliable performance.

    Find out more about solenoid valves in our handy guidehere.

    Why Festo?

    Festo valves feature innovative designs, customisation possibilities, and seamless integration into existing automation systems. With a strong global presence and adherence to industry standards, Festo valves are trusted for their performance, reliability, and compliance.

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