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    V61 Norgren Solenoid Valves

    Managing air flow in your pneumatic system is a breeze with the V61 series Norgren Solenoid Valves.

    These solenoid valves have a compact design and are designed to provide a high flow rate, ensuring versatility and efficient performance for your compressed air system. Due to their die-cast aluminium alloy housing they can withstand use in tough industrial conditions. The V61 units have an operating pressure range of 0.9 to 10 bar and can be used in temperatures from -10 to 50°C, so you can depend on them in a variety of challenging environments. In addition, they do not require maintenance so you can simply install them and get on with your day. Their low power consumption ensures that by using the V61 valve in your pneumatic processes you can also save energy.

    What is the purpose of a solenoid valve?

    A solenoid valve is a device which is designed to either shut off or enable air flow in a pneumatic system. It uses electromagnetic force to operate and can be normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC). A NO valve remains open when the solenoid is not charged, whereas for a NC unit the valve remains closed when the solenoid is not charged. You'll find them frequently used in industrial installations such as machine and plant engineering, transport, water treatment, and refrigeration systems. They are also useful in domestic and commercial applications such as for heating systems, medical equipment, dishwashers, and car washes.

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