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    Norgren 97105 Solenoid Valves

    Control air flow in your pneumatic system safely and effectively with the Norgren 97105 valves.

    These units are indirect solenoid actuated spool valves. They include advantages such as: crossover-free switching, exhaust air recirculation, application with single and double acting actuators, monostable design, and manual override with detent. These valves can be used with operating pressures of 2 to 8 bar, in systems with filtered, lubricated or non-lubricated and dry compressed air. They use NBR seals which offer protection against abrasions, oils, and water. In addition, as they have durable housing made of anodised aluminium you can count on them to stand up to wear-and-tear.

    What does a solenoid valve do?

    A solenoid valve is a component which can be used to either shut off or enable air flow in a pneumatic system. This type of valve uses electromagnetic force to operate. They can be normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC). A NO valve remains open when the solenoid is not charged, whereas for a NC unit the valve remains closed when the solenoid is not charged. These units are often applied in industrial applications such as transport, water treatment, machine and plant engineering, and refrigeration systems. Other domestic and commercial applications like heating systems, medical equipment, dishwashers, and car washes also use solenoid valves.

    IMI Norgren use their decades of industry experience to design and create innovative and dependable motion control and fluid technology which can handle the rigorous demands of the modern world and streamline your processes. Their pneumatics products are trusted across the globe for high quality, safety, and reliability.

    Find the ideal 97105 solenoid valve for your system here at RS with our range from Norgren.

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