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    Norgren VP50 VP51 Solenoid Valves

    The Norgren VP50 and VP51 series valves are proportional pressure control valves. Backed by Norgren's unparalleled industry expertise, these devices are help you gain flexible and complete output pressure and flow control in your compressed air application.

    What are the benefits of the VP50 and VP51 valves?

    If you need a valve which provides high flow and excellent performance characteristics, the VP50 series valves are a great choice. These units can be mounted via manifold for easy and secure installation. They are also an energy efficient addition to your pneumatic system due to their low power consumption of less than 1.0 Watts. The VP50 valves are designed to have a fast response time of less than 80 ms, as well as a convenient pressure output display. With a tough aluminium body and simple yet efficient housing design, these pressure control valves require no maintenance.

    For a more advanced and customisable solution, you can try the VP51 series valves by Norgren. These fully programmable models feature on-board diagnostics and a multi-option language display, with offline set-up functionality. The digital interface enables you to easily modify all parameters, including pressure range and response, so you can achieve optimum system output and quality. The VP51 units also come with instant LED warning lights for clear visual indication at critical moments.

    Use Norgren proportional valves with your pneumatic system and experience highly efficient air flow and pressure control.

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