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    Schaffner 3 Phase Filters

    Explore our range of Schaffner 3 Phase EMC/RFI and 3 Phase + Neutral EMC/EMI Filters. RFI Filters for motor drives and industrial inverter applications, along with EMI general-purpose line filters. High-performing noise filters featuring high differential and common-mode attenuation as well as low leakage current types. All in a compact chassis mount or DIN rail versions. Maximum continuous operating voltages of 3x 440/250 Vac or 3x 520/300 Vac with operating frequency DC to 60Hz or 400Hz. See the following Schaffner series for a three-phase motor to suit your requirements offer includes Schaffner FN351, FN355, FN3025, FN3026, FN3120, FN3256, FN3258, FN3270, FN3280, FN3287, FN3288, FN3311 and FN356.

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