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    EMI Filter 10A

    Passive components, 10A EMI (electromagnetic interference) or RFI (radio frequency interference) power line filters are designed to suppress conducted interference within your electrical environment. EMI, EMC/RFI are forms of unwanted electrical noise that can disrupt the performance of your electrical and electronic equipment. EMI filter, 10A is intended for voltages commonly found in both mains and DC systems. The AC power line filters offer single phase and 3 phase EMI filters in either single or two-stage configurations, these compact EMC devices can be chassis mounted, DIN rail and more. Their applications include power supplies, inverters, motor drives, and industrial equipment. Some families can offer medical versions that meet medical approvals. See our available brands such as RS Pro, Roxburgh EMC, Cosel, TDK-Lambda/EPCOS, and many others.

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