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    EPCOS B84111

    EPCOS EMC power line filters are designed for single phase systems with a 250 Vac/dc voltage rating giving reliability and performance across various industries. Our B84111A EMC filters feature 2-line filters (SIFI-A) ensuring normal insertion loss, catering to a wide current range from 1A to 20A, and feature an optimised leakage current of less than 0.5 mA. The B84111F EMC filters covers 3 to 36A current ratings, employing SIFI-F technology also for normal insertion loss. The B84111 has an easy-to-use and compact design comprised of standard versions (B84111F0000B/G) or the medical version (B84111F0000M) designed for applications requiring low leakage current in EMC Filters. These filters find applications in many settings including switch-mode power supplies, industrial electronics, data systems, telecommunications, and DC applications.

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