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    Sanding Blocks

    Sanding blocks are used for hand-sanding wood and cleaning or polishing metals. An alternative to sandpaper, they are reusable, washable and comfortable to hold. Because of their flexibility, they're ideal for sanding in tight spaces, over complex contours and on areas that may require the special attention that can only be achieved manually.

    Types of Sanding Blocks

    Sanding blocks are made from a variety of abrasive materials, including aluminium oxide and diamond. Depending on the material you are sanding, different grades with varying grit levels can be selected. This lets you apply firmer or gentler levels of abrasion as required. Similarly to other kinds of sandpaper, Abrasive blocks are used for sanding or finishing a wide range of natural and synthetic materials. These include plastics, wood, gold, silver, platinum, copper, brass, iron, steel, ceramics, aluminium, bronze and pewter.

    How can you use Sanding Blocks?

    The flexible form, sanding blocks can be cut to size to suit a variety of jobs. They are most commonly available made from foam or rubber, allowing water or washing-up liquid to be added to the block to help clean surfaces.

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