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    Sanding Pads

    Sanding hand pads are a manual tool used for light cleaning, polishing and finishing surfaces including wood, fibreglass, vinyl, plastic, concrete and ceramic.

    Sanding pad uses and applications

    Sanding hand pads are used for general purpose cleaning, deburring, blending, prep work and finishing without causing damage to your product. For example, you can use an abrasive hand pad to manually remove rust from old car exhaust.

    Features and benefits of sanding hand pads

    Sanding hand pads are usually made from fine grade aluminium oxide abrasives. They're designed not to shred or leave fine metal splinters during use. You can use them with water or solvents and can rinse them clean for reuse. Other benefits include:

    • Alternative to steel wool, wire brushes or sandpaper- it leaves a smooth finished surface without altering the shape of the workpiece.
    • Suitable for use on a wide variety of materials
    • Reusable and won't rust
    • Can be folded, stacked or rolled for effective cleaning
    • Comfortable to hold and is flexible so you can produce a consistent finish
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