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    3M Sandpaper

    3M sandpaper are renowned for their reliability and versatility. Suitable for various applications, from autombile to home decorating, 3M sandpaper combine with Speeglas welding filters for safe and effective solutions. With a selection of specialist models to suit all price ranges, 3M are a brand you can trust.

    RS combines its customer first attitude with 3Ms high quality range of products to bring you the solutions you need when you need them. For tough, reliable products that stand up to the high demands of the most challenging industries, 3M stand above the crowd.

    What is 3M Sandpaper used for?

    3M sandpaper is a type of abrasive paper that's used for various tasks such as smoothing out rough surfaces, preparing surfaces for painting or staining, and removing rust. It can be used on wood, metal, plastic, and drywall. The key to getting the best results with 3M sandpaper is to use the right grit size: coarse-grit paper removes material more quickly while fine-grit paper provides a smoother finish.

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