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    Molex Crimp Tools

    Crimp connections are hugely important when building circuit boards and electrical systems. They offer a secure, reliable way of connecting wires or cables. They are also simple to put together – taking virtually no time at all. Sometimes known as crimping pliers, a good quality crimping tool is an absolute must in order to make crimp connections.

    With a purpose-built hand cable crimper, you can:

    • Build the most secure connections possible
    • Create crimp connections effectively and easily
    • Operate safely using the right tool for the job
    • Speed through multiple crimping tasks

    Molex crimp tools are essential when working with other Molex components – not only is the Molex name a sign of quality, by sticking with Molex for all aspects of crimp and printed circuit board connection you are sure to be using the right part, in the right place and at the right time.

    How to Choose a Crimping Tool

    Firstly, you'll want to be sure that you're using the correct tool for the task by checking which wires and connectors each tool works with. If in doubt, you can check this by looking at the Hand Crimp Tool Specification Sheet shown on the tool's product page on the RS website. This will give compatible terminal part numbers and wire specs.

    Ratchet tools can be pre-set to a specific force meaning they stay locked until the tool's handles are completely closed forming the correct bond. This produces consistent, well-made connections on every use. If you expect to be using your crimping tool a lot or if accuracy is of particular importance, choose a tool with this feature.

    If multiple users will be sharing a wire crimping tool, select one that is suitable for left or right-handed use.

    Molex Premium Grade Crimper Tools

    Molex Premium Grade tools are tested for a minimum of 50,000 cycles – making them ideal for busy locations and workshops. They feature ergonomically designed handles and ratchet mechanisms ensuring a full crimping cycle is achieved every time. There are also dedicated options for Molex's popular Mini-Fit and Micro-Fit ranges.

    Premium Grade Tools also feature a handy terminal locator and wire stop which position the terminal and ensure it stays in place during the crimping process.

    Molex Service Grade Wire Crimpers

    Molex Service Grade tools offer many of the same features of the Premium Grade variety, however they are made to be used more sparingly, so perfect for workers in the field such as electrical technicians and contractors or those building prototypes. Each tool is tested for 1,000 cycles and offers a low-cost alternative to the premium range when those additional features are not needed.

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