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    RJ45 Crimping Tools

    An RJ45 crimping tool is used for crimping RJ45 connectors onto the ends of Ethernet cable. RJ45 connectors are used for terminating twisted-pair network cables which are used in Ethernet networking, including Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a cables. An RJ45 crimping tool consists of a pair of handles, a crimping mechanism along with interchangeable dies or blades specially designed for crimping RJ45 connectors. The Ethernet cable is stripped to expose the twisted pairs of wires, which are then untwisted and arranged according to the specified wire standard (T568A or T568B) to ensure the correct connectivity is achieved. The wires are then inserted and aligned into the slots in the RJ45 connector which is then inserted into the crimp tool die or blade. The handles of the RJ45 crimping tool are squeezed together to crimp the RJ45 connector onto the wire forming a secure electrical crimp. When a full crimp is achieved the handles of the tool are released and the crimped connector removed. RJ Crimping tools are used by professionals who need to repair or create ethernet cables such as network installers and IT technicians

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