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    Ferrule Crimpers

    A ferrule crimper, ferrule crimping tool or bootlace ferrule crimper is used to crimp ferrules, also known as bootlace ferrules, onto the end of cables or wires. Bootlace ferrules are small plastic or metal sleeves used to terminate stranded wires so they can be inserted into an electrical connector without fraying. The end of the wire is stripped and the appropriate size ferrule is selected and placed on the end of the stripped wire making sure all the strands are inserted into the barrel. The ferrule is inserted into the jaws or die cavity of the ferrule crimper and the handles are squeezed together forcing the crimping jaws or dies to close and compress the ferrule around the wire strands forming a secure crimp. Once a full crimping cycle is complete the handles of the ferrule crimping tool are released, and the crimped ferrule removed. Ferrule crimpers come in a range of designs, some have dedicated crimping slots for specific ferrule sizes, others have dies or jaws that accept different ferrule sizes which can be interchanged. Ferrule crimpers are used in a wide range of industries including electronics, automation and manufacturing as well as by electricians and hobbyists.

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