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    BNC Crimping Tools

    A BNC crimping tool is used for crimping BNC connectors onto coaxial cable to ensure proper signal transmission and connectivity. BNC connectors are used in video and RF applications, including broadcast equipment, computer networks and CCTV systems. A BNC crimping tool consists of a pair of handles, a crimping mechanism and jaws or interchangeable dies that are specially designed for BNC connectors. The coaxial cable is stripped exposing the inner conductor, dielectric insulation, and shielding layers which are then aligned and positioned inside the BNC connector. The connector is then placed in the crimping tool jaws or die cavity of the crimp tool making sure they are aligned with the crimping collar or sleeve of the connector. Once the handles of the crimping tool are squeezed together the crimping mechanism compresses the crimping collar onto the connector to form a secure and reliable crimp. The handles of the BNC crimping tool will release when the crimp cycle is completed, and the fully crimped BNC connector removed. BNC crimping tools are used by professionals in networking, broadcasting and video production industries to provide quick, secure and reliable installation connections

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