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    Crimping Pliers

    Crimping pliers are handheld mechanical tools for crimping connectors into cables consisting of a pair of handles with jaws at the end. Crimping plier jaws can have different profiles or shapes to suit the connector to be crimped or they may require an interchangeable crimp die to be inserted which is dedicated to that connector type. Some crimping pliers have a ratchet mechanism which allows consistent pressure to be applied to the connector and ensure a complete crimp cycle is achieved before the handles are released. Adjustable crimping pressure is available on some tools which allows the operator to set a specific pressure especially when crimping onto different wire gauges. Some crimping pliers feature insulation crimping enabling them to crimp the connector onto the wire and the insulation barrel simultaneously providing both insulation support and a secure connection. Crimping pliers are used in a wide range of industries including electronics, automotive and telecommunications as well in domestic settings for DIY purposes.

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