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    Disinfectant Wipes

    Disinfectant wipes are a great addition for disinfecting surfaces, tools or hands. Wet disinfectant wipes contain the likes of alcohol, which offer a quick and easy way to clean and sanitise. However, these disinfectant wipes come in a resealable container to conserve the effectiveness of the solution.

    What are the benefits of Disinfectant Wipes?

    • Excellent cleaning properties, killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria.
    • Construction from a tough material with perforated lines for easy tearing.
    • Can prevent cross contamination from surfaces
    • Available in a variety of package types from small packets for ease of use to centre feed tubs for constant use

    What are some applications for Disinfectant Wipes?

    • Cleaning Tools or apparatus
    • Wiping down hands
    • Cleaning surfaces
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