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    Wet Wipes

    Wet wipes have various applications and are also known as wet towels or sanitising wipes and can be used for cleaning different surfaces and components (multi-purpose) including hand and face cleaning.

    When a wet wipe is packaged as antibacterial (killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria) they are normally used to clean hands and skin, but our range covers many wet wipes with anti-bacterial and disinfection properties to be used in food manufacturing and processing.

    How are wet wipes packaged?

    Our range of wet wipes are supplied properly sealed and packaged so the wipe is supplied ready to be used plus various sizes are available to suit every application.

    • Box (contains individually sealed wet wipes – for example 1 box of 20 wet wipes)
    • Bucket, Tub or Tube (resalable).
    • Pack (resealable).
    • Refill pack.

    Applications for Wet Wipes.

    • General cleaning.
    • Food processing.
    • Hand and face cleaning.
    • Electronic, electrical and electrical cable and equipment (anti-static and ESD sensitive).
    • Industrial (heavy duty cleaning).
    • IT.
    • Multi-surface cleaning.
    • Tool cleaning (including mobile and remote devices).
    • Removal of grease, grime, oil, paint, resins and varnish (IPA Solvent cleaning wipes).
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