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    Wipes offer effective surface sanitisation in a convenient format. Disposable cloths treated with sanitising agents instantly remove debris and residue, and importantly, destroy microbes to prevent infection. Our expertly selected range comprises specialist wipes for different surfaces and applications, from trusted providers such as Tork, Kimberly Clark, and PAL, in addition to our own brand.

    Keep your devices clean with wipes

    Wondering how to keep your keyboards and screens clean? Wipes are an excellent option for maintaining optimal hygiene in the office and the home. Wiping keyboards, mice, and screens prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses when sharing devices with colleagues or family at home. Pathogens can additionally survive on smartphone screens, routinely using a screen wipe destroys them while additionally enhancing visibility by removing particles and residue.

    Choose the best wipes for your needs

    Regularly wiping surfaces ensures they remain sanitary, but which wipes are the best? Using the correct wipe for your requirement not only ensures that it is able to sufficiently remove the contaminants present but also prevents accidental damage to the surface. When choosing wipes, it is important to consider how they will be used and decide on the type of wipe accordingly.

    Antibacterial, disinfectant, and medical wipes

    These wipes are treated with a solution containing sanitising agents that destroy harmful pathogens. They are available in wet and dry types and are suitable for use on most hard surfaces. They are useful for applications which require assured protection against dangerous microbes. These wipes are not suitable for use on textiles or skin and may damage sensitive electrical equipment.

    Electronic, glass, and screen wipes

    These wipes are designed to remove particles and residue from glass surfaces. They are treated with an alcohol-based solution formulated to sanitise without leaving residual moisture. These wipes are a specialised option for use on electrical devices, glass and plastic screens, and lenses.

    Cloths, dust wipes, and tissues

    These differ from other types of wipes in that they are not treated with any solution. Cloths are designed to absorb liquids easily, so they are useful for removing spills or wiping with a separate cleaning product. Dust wipes feature a specialised composition that effectively catches dust particles, allowing for dust removal without the need for any liquid.

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