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    Multi-Purpose Wipes

    Multi-Purpose Wipes have a wide range of uses and there is a wipe available for any clean-up. The multi-purpose wipes are available wet or dry and wet wipes are packed in sealed containers to ensure that they are received ready to use. Some wipes can be used repeated times and are washable. Wipes are available in 1, 2 and 3 ply providing various thicknesses of wipe dependent on the cleaning purpose. The multi-purpose wipes can be used within personal, commercial and industrial environments.

    Multi-Purpose Wipe Applications

    • General cleaning
    • Automotive
    • Cleanroom
    • Delicate cleaning
    • Disinfecting
    • Drying
    • Dust removal

    How are Multi-Purpose Wipes Packaged?

    • Bags – Dry wipes
    • Boxes – Wet and dry wipes
    • Buckets – Wet wipes
    • Packs – Wet and dry wipes
    • Rolls – Dry wipes, each sheet perforated, economical, use as much or as little as required
    • Sachets – Wet wipes
    • Tubs – Wet wipes

    What does Ply mean with Wipes?

    • 1 Ply = 1 layer of material
    • 2 Ply = 2 layers of material
    • 3 Ply = 3 Layers of material
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