Hand Sanitisers

A hand sanitiser is a chemical liquid, usually containing alcohol used to clean and sanitise your hands where typical hand washing facilities may not be accessible.How do they work?Much like hand cleaners and soap, the hand sanitiser works in the same way but without the water that would normally be required with traditional hand washing methods.Features and benefits:
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Kills germs and bacteria
  • Quick drying
  • Only need to use a small amount
  • Built in moisturisers to aid with dry skin
  • Can be installed in high foot traffic areas for maximum effect
Where might I use one?
  • In a hospital
  • At school
  • In your workplace
  • In your home

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Description Price Sanitizer Type Number of Bottles Package Size Package Type
RS Stock No. 460-9112
Mfr. Part No.CRA36O
Branddeb stoko
Gel 1 750 ml Cartridge
RS Stock No. 677-0720
Mfr. Part No.DIS47MLx1
Branddeb stoko
Foam 1 47 ml Bottle
RS Stock No. 677-0730
Mfr. Part No.DIS1000MLx1
Branddeb stoko
Foam 1 1 L Cartridge
RS Stock No. 775-4814
Mfr. Part No.OXY1LTR
Branddeb stoko
Foam - 1 L Cartridge
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