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    Tork Hand Sanitisers

    The Tork hand sanitisers range offers 60-80% alcohol-based formulations, effective in killing bacteria and viruses. Tork is profound for their range of high-quality hygiene products, including hand sanitisers. With high alcohol-based formulations, Tork hand sanitisers are designed to be effective in many settings, including healthcare facilities, offices, warehouses, and public settings. Maintain workplace hygiene and help prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria with Tork hand sanitisers.

    Why should you choose Tork hand sanitiser?

    Tork hand sanitisers are a sustainable hygiene solution that enables optimum daily hand-hygiene. Washing hands with hand soap and water is vital, but it is also crucial to maintain good hygiene in between hand washes, and Tork hand sanitisers do just that. The high denatured alcohol-based formulations of 60-80% offer long-lasting protection against many types of bacteria, infections, and various harmful organisms. Tork have carefully formulated their hand sanitisers specifically for frequent use, preventing residue build-up or irritation, which makes them an ideal option for sensitive skin.

    How do you store hand sanitiser?

    Hand sanitiser should be stored in a cool environment. Always keep hand sanitisers away from direct sunlight.


    Tork hand sanitisers can be used in many environments. Some common environments include:
    • Healthcare environments such as clinics, hospitals, or dentistry settings
    • Offices
    • Warehouses
    • Travel or on-the-go situations
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