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    Nylon Sheet

    Nylon sheet is a popular engineering plastic that offers a whole host of desirable characteristics. Nylon is strong, stiff and has exceptional resistance to wear and tear. This versatile thermoplastic is also easily machined making it ideal for a wide range of industrial and commercial manufacturing applications.

    RS Components offer a great selection of Nylon 6 sheet and Nylon 6.6 sheet in various lengths, and widths thicknesses that can be easily cut to size.

    What are the different types of Nylon sheets and Nylon Plate?

    There are two main types of PA (Nylon) plastic. Nylon 6 and Nylon 66. While these two plastics have their own separate advantages, they still share some of the same properties.

    • Easily machined
    • Electrically insulating
    • High mechanical strength
    • Excellent wear resistance
    • Excellent abrasion resistance

    Nylon 6 Vs Nylon 66

    As we mentioned before, whilst these two engineering materials have some similar attributes there are some differences. These differences can have an effect on where you would use them, so it is essential you consider them

    Nylon 6

    • Lower melting point
    • Lower heat deflection
    • Higher water absorption
    • Poor chemical resistance
    • Higher impact resistance
    • Easy to colour

    Nylon 66

    • Higher melting point
    • Higher heat deflection
    • Lower water absorption
    • Chemical resistant
    • Difficult to colour
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