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    ABB Enclosures

    Please browse our range of ABB enclosures, that offer you housing and protection for a vast assortment of equipment and electronics. ABB's enclosures bring to you first-class quality and are available in an array of sizes, mounting types and materials, to ensure you can select the perfect product for your particular application.

    ABB enclosures are adaptable and can be used for many different applications, but their main function is to provide protection for electronics and other items housed inside. The enclosure you select will be dependent on your durability requirements, with different materials providing protection for different conditions. Another factors that also influences product selection includes the required mounting style, which can vary from wall mounting to floor mounting, and other types.

    Brought to you by our partner brand and leading global technology company, ABB, this range of enclosures provides quick, simple and flexible solutions that always comply with international standards, ensuring the highest level of quality and protection for your equipment.

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