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    Hammond General Purpose Enclosures

    Hammond general purpose enclosures are small storage devices designed to contain and safeguard an array of electrical equipment. Hammond enclosures are multi-purpose and multi-functional as they can fulfil a variety of functions and purposes. A variety of enclosures from the Hammond family are offered in a variety of sizes, materials, colours, finishes, forms, and styles. These general-purpose storage units epitomise functionality and adaptability. While offering the required defence against contaminants such as water, dust, and UV radiation

    Completely compliant with a variety of IP ratings, including IP54, IP65, IP67, and IP68. Hammond enclosures have industry standard mounting and sealing arrangements. The unity of simplicity, versatility and functionality make Hammond a leading manufacturer of general-purpose enclosures.

    What material are Hammond enclosures available in?

    Hammond Manufacturing enclosures are curated from a variety of materials such as, Aluminium, Diecast Aluminium, Steel, Plastic, Fibreglass, Polycarbonate, and ABS. Popular aluminium enclosures include the Hammond 1590 series which includes the Hammond 1590b enclosure. These are popular due to their reputation and ease of usage.

    What size are Hammond enclosures?

    Hammond enclosures are available in a range of sizes as they are suitable for a range of industrial and commercial applications.

    What applications are Hammond enclosures suitable for?

    To safeguard electrical equipment in a range of environments, including construction, industry, and utility applications. Hammond enclosures can also be mounted onto walls with the required accessories, depending on the purpose.

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