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    DIN Rail Enclosures

    DIN rail enclosures are a protective case for protecting electrical devices and components. They enable electronic devices to be mounted onto equipment racks. Also known as top hat rail enclosures, DIN rail enclosures are mounted onto a standard sized metal rail within a rack. The DIN rail enclosure provides safety and the opportunity to tailor the enclosure to your specific requirements. The enclosures are available in a range of sizes, materials and IP ratings for many different applications.

    DIN Rail Enclosure IP Ratings:

    When choosing an enclosure it is essential to ensure it provides the necessary protection for your equipment. IP rating describes the enclosure's ability to protect the device inside from dust, dirt, water and moisture. Examples of IP rating include:

    • IP20 provides a low level of protection from large objects, for example fingers. It does not protect from water.
    • IP40 enclosures provide protection from tools and wires up to 1 mm but they are not waterproof.
    • IP65 DIN rail enclosures provide your equipment protection from dust and water and so the enclosure is safe for outdoor environments.
    • IP66 enclosures provide complete dust and dirt protection and high-pressure water protection.

    What are DIN Rail Enclosures made from?

    DIN rail enclosures are primarily made from aluminium, ABS, polycarbonate, polyamide, PVC, plastic or steel.

    What is a DIN Rail?

    DIN Rail is an industry standard rail for mounting equipment within a DIN Rail Enclosure. The DIN rail is made normally made from metal and can be used within a rackmount case and enclosure to securely attach electrical and industrial control equipment like circuit breakers, terminal blocks and power supplies.

    DIN Rail enclosure accessories are available to complete your enclosure, and these range from a standard DIN rail, Din rail clips, frame sets, cable glands, panel covers, slotted terminal covers, connectors, modules, adaptors, screws. Our range of DIN rail accessories available will provide everything needed.

    For more information on Din Rails please see our comprehensive Guide

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