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    Hammond 1591 Series ABS Multipurpose Enclosures

    It's time to think inside the box and protect your much-loved electrical possessions safely and securely. With decades of experience Hammond manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of industrial and electrical enclosures. The Hammond 1591 series consists of ABS plastic multipurpose flame-retardant general-purpose enclosures. These small enclosures are suitable for PCB vertical mounting. Carefully curated and designed to meet IP54 standards. Constructed from a robust, flame-retardant ABS plastic material. The construction of the enclosures minimises the effect of external influences such as water, dust, and dirt. These small enclosures feature lap joint constructions which help protect the enclosure from different types of elements. Hammond small enclosures tick all the right boxes. Robust, reliable, and versatile. Suitable for a variety of different application types.

    Available in a variety of colours including black, grey, transparent blue and transparent red. Supported with a choice of either flanged or non-flanged options. It's time to get things undercover. Black coloured screws are available with black versions, whereas all other versions come with standard silver screws. You can count on the Hammond 1591 series to elevate your project. The hassle-free way to find the enclosure to meet all your requirements. Popular Hammond 1591 series enclosures include the Hammond 1591 series black ABS enclosure 1591b suitable for your general-purpose needs. Hammond 1591 series ABS multipurpose enclosures are available in a variety of different dimensions to suit your application type and purpose. Browse RS for a range of Hammond enclosures available with free next day delivery.

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