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    Hammond 1590 Diecast Aluminium Enclosure Series

    The Hammond 1590 Diecast Aluminium Enclosure Series is known for its reputation, ease of usage and versatility. Constructed from a robust aluminium material to ensure robustness and stability. These general-purpose enclosures are used to safeguard electrical equipment. Protection from contaminants such as water and dust are provided through the lap joint construction. A variety of versions are available in different colours and style to suit the relevant needs and requirements.


    • Standard versions are constructed to meet IP54 ratings
    • Construction has been provided for good RFI / EMI screening
    • Wall-mounting or water-tight configurations are available
    • Ideal for PC board mounting due to the low draft wall angles
    • Water-tight versions are available to meet IP65. Gaskets can also be supplied
    • Assembly-friendly
    • Choice of flanged and non-flanged enclosure options

    What size are Hammond 1590 enclosures?

    here are many variations available at RS which will be suitable for your desired applicational purpose. When choosing an enclosure, it is important to take into consideration the external length, height, and width. The 1590 series is available in a range of dimensions, the 1590b enclosure is 112.4 x 60.5 x 31mm and the 1590bb enclosure is 119.5 x 94 x 34mm. Please note the dimensions do not include the lid and exclude flanges, 4mm must be added to the height for the lid.

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