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    Hammond 1550z Series Diecast Aluminium Enclosures

    Hammond manufacturing is a market leader within the industry with decades of experience within the industrial and electrical enclosures sphere. Durable and robust, this electronic instrument enclosure series is crafted from a resilient diecast aluminium alloy that balances toughness with ease of machining. These enclosures are suitable for wall mounting, supported with thick-walled housing and curated from a diecast aluminium material, whilst being watertight. Featuring a two-piece tongue and groove construction and natural finish. The meticulous construction of the enclosures has been curated to provide protection against external contaminants such as dust and water, whilst meeting IP66. Featuring a one-piece silicone gasket and self-locking lid screws with outside gasket protection. Installation is a piece of cake! Easy installation with one-piece silicone rubber and pre-tapped enclosure holes.

    Key features of the Hammond 1550z series:

    • Thick-walled design constructed with diecast aluminium alloy
    • Watertight electronic instrument box
    • Featuring a two-piece tongue and groove construction featuring protection against external contaminants such as dust and water
    • The enclosures have been carefully curated for repetitive opening and closing
    • Easy wall mounted construction
    • The enclosures are finished with a polyester powder black finish ensuring resilience and durability

    Here at RS we have a comprehensive array of Hammond enclosures for you to pick from, so you can find the right enclosure for your project. Browse our range of Hammond diecast aluminium enclosures within the Hammond 1550z series available at RS with free next day delivery.

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