TNC Connectors

What is it? The TNC connector or (Threaded Neill -Concelman) is a slightly smaller RF connector. Similar to the more common BNC, but with a threaded coupling instead of a bayonet coupling. TNC connectors have a 7-16-28 UNEF thread. Impedance is generally 50. However there are a few 75 Ω On the market. The TNC connector typically operates in the DC-11 GHz frequency range.What does it do? TNC connectors are used to connect RF coaxial cables to TNC sockets found on connecting pieces of equipment.Applications Due to the versatility of the TNC connector and its ability to be used with a wide variety of coaxial cables. The TNC connector can be utilised in many applications. With the threaded coupling mechanism and high resistance to vibration, the TNC connector is useful in tougher environments such as, Antenna mounts Military -Aviation control Telecommunications -Wireless base stations Industrial -machine to machine communications, security devices Commercial Vehicle GPS and BluetoothTypes TNC connectors come in various styles supporting a vast range of systems and designs. Gender -Male (Plug) and Female (sockets Body Orientation -Straight and right angle Polarity -Standard and reverse Impedance 50 Ω and 75 Ω Termination -Crimp, clamp and solder termination Mounting Type-Cable, panel and PCBThe range is also available as adapters and cable assemblies.

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Description Price Gender Body Orientation Termination Method Mounting Type Size Body Plating Cable Type Polarity Impedance Bulkhead Minimum Operating Temperature Maximum Operating Temperature Operating Frequency Contact Plating
RS Stock No. 193-8057
Mfr. Part No.J01011A2337
Female Straight - Panel Mount - Nickel over Copper - - 50Ω - -65 °C +165 °C 0 → 11GHz Gold over Nickel over Copper