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    Coaxial Plugs

    A coaxial plug is a type of radio frequency (RF) connection that is often used with coax cables. Though commonly associated with a standard RF connector used in analogue television and radio arrays, there are actually several different kinds of coaxial connectors suited to a variety of specialist RF applications.

    Types of coaxial plugs:

    • BNC is a miniature RF connector with a bayonet locking system, and is commonly used in television, radio and test instruments.
    • TNC is a threaded version of the BNC connector.
    • UHF is a threaded RF connector that has applications in amateur radio arrays and VHF radio.
    • F is an RF Connector commonly used to connect satellite television and cable modems.
    • N is a threaded RF Connector that is known for its weather proof properties.
    • SMA/SMB/SMC are sub miniature RF connectors. Versions A, B and C are all feature 50 Ohm impedance, and differ by their threaded, snap on, and hex nut coupling, respectively.
    • MCX is a micro coaxial connector that is a smaller version of the SMB connector, often used in Wi-Fi antennas.
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