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    Samtec Coaxial Connectors

    Also known as barrel or tip connectors, the excellent performance and reliability with Samtec's Coaxial Connectors ensures precision and efficiency in signal transmission, filtering out unwanted interference. This enhances overall connectivity for televisions, mobile phones, radio, broadband and so much more. Engineered with the latest advancements in coaxial connector design, Samtec's connectors deliver exceptional signal integrity, meeting the stringent demands of modern electronic systems.

    What do Coaxial Connectors do?

    Coaxial connectors provide a convenient method of connecting RF equipment together ensuring reliable and efficient signal transmission in a range of electronic devices and systems.

    What does the material on Coaxial Connectors mean?

    The contact material on connectors may vary due to different factors which you may need to consider in your search.

    • Brass

    Brass is the least expensive of the three metals and has excellent electrical properties, but it does have a low yield strength and the brass beams on the socket will take a permanent set.

    • Beryllium Copper

    Beryllium copper is usually the more expensive material but provides a good selection of properties. It provides the best combination of mechanical and electrical properties. BeCu will retain its shape under a wide variety of conditions once formed and set.

    • Phosphor Bronze

    Phosphor bronze is the base metal used in most Samtec connectors. The metal is stronger than brass and has better spring properties however, it is not considered a better option compared to BeCu and therefore not used as much.

    Why are some connectors plated?

    You may notice some connectors are plated Gold. Gold provides better corrosion protection, improved electrical conductivity, increased durability, ease of application, excellent heat resistance, and is nonmagnetic.

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