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    Outdoor Sockets

    Outdoor sockets are designed with weatherproof enclosures so you can power your electrical equipment outside without the need for any extension leads. The level of protection that these weatherproof sockets offer and the level of waterproofing is indicated by the IP rating they have. An outdoor socket with an IP66 rating means that it is dust tight and protected against powerful jets of water.
    An IP65 rated electrical socket means it is dust tight and protected from water projected from a nozzle.
    Outdoor sockets feature hinged lids which will stay shut once your plug is in position to protect from the elements. The hinged lid also prevents the plug from coming loose if the cable tugged by the equipment while in use. Outdoor sockets, when installed correctly, are ideal for use with domestic applications such as exterior garden and leisure equipment, they are also frequently used industrial, commercial and agricultural applications.

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