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    USB Plug Socket

    USB plug sockets are versatile electrical wall sockets that allow you to plug in both a standard 3 pin plug and USB plug at the same time. Most of these wall sockets have a double plug socket with two or more built-in USB ports, whilst some are designed with USB ports only. USB sockets are ideal for use in the home and office for charging your portable devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPads, cameras, navigation devices, PDAs and many more.

    Benefits of a USB Plug Socket

    • Ability to power electrical equipment and charge USB devices at the same time
    • Multiple USB charger ports offer you the convenience of charging two or more USB devices simultaneously saving time
    • USB devices can be charged using just the charger cable without having to carry a bulky power pack or power charger around with you!
    • Sockets can be retrofitted into existing socket outlets without the requirement for additional wiring
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