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    White Plug Sockets

    White plug sockets are electrical outlets that are commonly used in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings and can power electronic devices such as computers and machinery. The white finish on these sockets lets them blend in when installed in white or light-coloured walls, making them less obtrusive.

    At RS we have many different types of white plug sockets available, and the specific types available will depend on the country or region. Some common types of plug sockets include:

    • Standard white plug sockets – very popular and typically have two or three holes for prongs or pins, and are designed for specific types of plugs
    • USB white plug sockets – have both USB ports alongside standard plug sockets, allowing you to charge devices directly from the socket
    • Weatherproof plug sockets – can be used outdoors

    The number of gangs on a white plug socket refers to the number of individual sockets or outlets on a single unit. Standard plug sockets typically come in single-gang, double-gang, and triple-gang configurations, with each gang providing one or more individual sockets or outlets for plugging in devices.

    Some white plug sockets may have different combinations of outlets and USB ports, so the total number of outlets may vary even within the same number of gangs. Also, some plug sockets may have integrated switches, dimmers, or other controls, which can further affect the number and arrangement of gangs on the socket.

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