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    Sursum Plug Sockets

    Plug sockets are electrical outlets that provide a safe and convenient method of fixed power distribution and are essential to any residential, commercial or industrial space. Plug sockets make sure you can power anything electricity wise from a phone charger, or a computer through to larger machinery and even charging a car. Available in a range of colours and finishes, electric sockets can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing when required. One, two and three gang sockets allow flexibility in applications that require more or fewer power points.

    Which socket do I need?

    The universal sizing makes it easy to replace existing sockets for upgrades or repairs. Always check both the voltage and the current rating of the socket before buying to ensure safe installation and to avoid failure and potential injury. A qualified electrician should always undertake this work to avoid injury or death and power ratings should always be adhered to. Plug sockets are available in a range of sizes, typically referred to by the number of Gangs. The number of gangs relates to the number of actual sockets on the plug. A single socket being a single gang, two sockets being two gang etc. These various socket sizes can also be switched meaning each socket on the face has its own individual power switch for on/off control. Colour and material are two factors often considered when buying plug sockets. These two factors not only relate to an aesthetic consideration, but practical applications also must be considered. Metal sockets can be used in areas where additional strength and resilience is required whereas plastic sockets are most commonly found in home and office applications.There are a range of plug types across the globe with their relevant plug sockets to match. Ensuring you have the correct socket type for your region is essential for safe working as well as ease of use without the need to plug connectors or converters.

    Where can I use plug sockets?

    Plug sockets can be installed both indoors and outdoors but always check for outdoor suitability. Sockets rated for indoor use can also be used outside but must always be installed in an exterior rated enclosure for safety reasons.Outdoor plugs have a range of Ingress Protection or IP ratings to define their stabilities for certain applications. IP ratings indicate the level of protection a socket has against water, some are suitable for light water spray while others are suitable for high power jets of water.

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