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    Hirschmann Sensor & Actuator Cables

    Ensure reliable and secure connections for your factory or machinery automation set up with Sensor/Actuator Cable Assemblies by Hirschmann, a Belden brand.

    What is a Sensor/Actuator Cable?

    Sensor and actuator cables are used in industrial automation and control applications where they communicate across networks, delivering data and signals between devices. They are essential in making sure equipment works effectively and they are often used with devices such as proximity sensors, switches and transducers. They are typically designed to be robust and durable so they can operate in harsh industrial environments.

    Hirschmann is trusted worldwide for their reliable, innovative, and high-quality data communication solutions, which are designed to meet the complex demands of modern industrial network infrastructures. Choose from their range of sensor and actuator cable assemblies for perfect signal cabling for your application.

    Hirschmann's range at RS includes M8 and M12 connectors with Male or Female contact and wide operating temperature ranges for use in harsh environments. High Ingress Protection ratings of up to IP67, IP68, and IP69K ensure durability against water and dust. These cables also feature outer sheaths made of rugged materials such as PVC or PUR for resistance to abrasions and chemicals. With Hirschmann sensor and actuator cabling installation is made easy and efficient due to their user-friendly design and flexibility. In addition, to ensure global usability Hirschmann products use internationally standardised connector technology.

    For wiring solutions you can rely on, turn to Hirschmann at RS Components.

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