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    Thomas & Betts Cable Ties

    RS have partnered with Thomas & Betts to provide you with an extensive range of high-quality, versatile cable ties. Thomas & Betts portfolio includes cable ties in varying materials that are suitable for many environments, such as hot and cold, chemical applications, corrosive habitats, and other demanding environments.

    What cable ties are included in Thomas & Betts range?

    There are a variety of cable ties available in varying lengths, widths, materials, and colours. Please see the breakdown below which explains the difference between some of the products within Thomas & Betts range:

    • Ty-Rap – Thomas & Betts Ty-Rap cable ties are high performance, innovative consumables that have been engineered to provide superior performance in any application. The Ty-Rap portfolio encompasses cable ties that can be used in extreme temperatures, continuous sunlight, aggressive chemicals, flames, heavy tensile strength, or UV radiation
    • Col-Ty – Thomas & Betts Col-Ty cable ties are particularly useful in the construction and utility industries. Heavy duty Col-Ty cable ties can be used in hazardous environments, humidity, and low temperatures
    • Ty-Fast – Thomas & Betts Ty-Fast cable ties are integrally designed to combine low insertion and high locking strength. Ty-Fast ties are constructed from hard-wearing and weather-resistant nylon and are suitable for various environments from offices to construction sites
    • Ty-Grip – Thomas & Betts Ty-Grip cable ties are designed to make managing wires easier by allowing you to fasten, clamp and bundle them. They are supplied in hook and loop nylon rolls, that you can cut to your desired length. Ty-Grip cable ties are suitable for many applications including DIY projects, utility applications, and construction industry applications
    • Ty-Met – Thomas & Betts Ty-Met cable ties are constructed from stainless steel, which ensures they are strong and durable. They are suitable for extreme conditions and hazardous environments, both indoors and outdoors, where cables and pipes need to be installed

    Thomas & Betts extensive cable tie range encompasses both reusable and disposable cable ties, supplied in both packs of individual ties, or reusable hook and loop rolls. The range is sure to have something to suit every customers specific requirements.

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