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    HellermannTyton Cable Ties

    Cable ties (also known as zip ties or tie wraps) are found in most places of work in some capacity or other so it may seem that any old tie will do. However, this is far from the truth. As is often the case when something is this ubiquitous, it actually becomes even more important to know exactly what you're using.

    Cable Tie Considerations

    In the first instance, there are several options to consider – will a basic black or white cable tie suffice, or would you be better off with a coloured solution so you can keep track of many cabling systems at once? Aesthetically, would a tie of a different colour look better? Green is often used in horticultural settings for example.

    The next thing to consider is material. Nylon cable ties are the standard, but there are a variety of plastics available that are suited to outdoor environments, chemically vulnerable areas, or for specific manufacturing uses such as food or pharmaceuticals. You might also want to consider metal cable ties for tough industrial settings or Velcro ties for a more flexible approach.

    If you're likely to have a lot of cables together in one place resembling something akin to spaghetti junction you might prefer to choose an option that includes identification features such as tags or the ability to write on the tie itself.

    Finally, think about whether a double-headed tie that allows different groups of cables to be held in parallel might be a good option for you.

    Reusable Cable Ties

    Think also about whether you want each tie to be sealed permanently or if you might prefer a reusable option. Technically speaking most cable ties can be reused, however if you think this is a regular possibility it's definitely better to choose a tie with this feature built in as reuse can affect the quality of the hold.

    Why Choose a HellermannTyton Cable Tie?

    Whether your business is operated from a large manufacturing plant or a small sales office, you know that reliability is key. Downtime can be disastrous and expensive so it's important to use the best equipment – even for the smallest of tasks.

    And that attention to quality is why HellermannTyton has become one of the most trusted names in cable management. Not only do they have years of research, development and manufacturing under their belt; they understand the needs of different industries and how their cable tie needs vary. From communications and aviation to automotive and food manufacturing, HellermannTyton produces cable ties that work every time.

    As well as standard black or white nylon cable ties, the HellermannTyton range includes:

    • Coloured cable ties that make identification in busy industrial settings or telecommunications boxes easy
    • Stainless steel ties that are suitable for outdoor use in construction sites as well as shipbuilding or mining
    • Fabric ties that can be used in offices for data cables or any number of household applications
    • Reusable options suitable for use in temporary settings such as trade fairs, theatrical productions or when building prototypes

    HellermannTyton Zip Tie Ranges

    Q-Series Cable Ties

    The gold standard in cable ties is surely the HellermannTyton Q-series. The innovative design of the Q-series' open head makes installation even easier – in fact, installation has been shown to be over 25% faster than a standard cable tie. They are particularly ideal when safety gloves must be worn or for areas where installers are working "blind". For increased flexibility several options in the range also allow "pre-locking" meaning ties can be temporarily locked before completely committing to installation – perfect for building prototypes or any application where cables might be added later. Available in an array of material options, the Q-series can really pay dividends when a large number of ties are being used.

    The Q-series also features a range of options for affixing your cable ties, including self-adhesive and screw varieties. These enable you to organise your cables and attach them to a flat surface in one. They look smart so are perfect for offices or where cables are run up walls and across ceilings. They also work well inside server cabinets. Additionally, Q-series tags are available. These specially designed identification markers give a sleek, smart finish to your installation.

    T-Series Tie Wraps

    For most applications there is a suitable cable tie within the HellermannTyton T-series range. The range itself includes a choice of materials, colours and sizes and features high tensile strength with very low insertion force. They also have ergonomic bent tails for easy installation. Inside serration provides a firm grip whenever you need it most. The UV resistant variant is ideal for use outdoors – perfect for industrial cables, pipes and hoses. There are also heavy duty cable tie options resistant to high temperature, chemicals and impact. The T-series is perfect for bulk installations – pair them with a HellermannTyton cable tie gun that ensures an extra strong fit every time.

    LR55 Wire Tie Range

    The LR55 range is a reliable option when you're looking for a releasable cable tie solution. Manufactured in a range of colours to aid identification they feature an extended pawl that allows the tie to be opened and resealed as required. They also have outside serration meaning they won't damage cables no matter how tightly they are held together – perfect for data cables.

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