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    ABB Cable Ties

    In partnership with ABB, we offer you a range of cost-effective cables ties, that are ideal for use in a multitude of applications including, offices, construction sites, workshops and time-critical installation and assembly tasks. ABB pride themselves on their high-quality products and their cable ties are no exception. The range ensures customers are delivered a strong, reliable, and functional product that can be used to fasten, secure and separate wires and cables. They are ideal to organise cables and help with identification and safety where required.

    ABB cable ties come in a variety of materials, colours, widths, and lengths, which should all be taken into consideration depending on your specific requirements. Different cable ties also have different tensile strengths, which are listed in Newtons (N) on the RS website. The higher the tensile strength of the cable tie, the heavier the duty. A cable tie with a tensile strength of over 750 Newtons constitutes as heavy duty.

    How do I use my ABB cable ties?

    ABB cable ties are incredibly simple to install and use. You simply position the cable tie into the required position around the object, insert the pointed end of the cable tie into the head and pull it to the required tightness. The teeth of the cable tie hold it in position, and it will only tighten if the pointed end is inserted correctly. Cable ties are generally single use, so when they are no longer required simply cut them off and dispose of them. If a cable tie is reusable, it will usually have a tab that releases the ratchet.

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