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    LAPP Cable Glands

    LAPP cable glands come from one of the most trusted and sought-after brand names in the international cabling and electrical power transmission industry. They can be used in measuring, controlling, the pharmaceutical industry for medical equipment, manufacturing of machines and equipment, and much more. A cable gland is a piece of apparatus that attaches and secures a cable to a piece of equipment. Cable glands form a seal around the cable and can also perform several other functions including earthing, grounding, bonding, strain relief and insulation.

    Cable glands are suitable for electrical power, control, instrumentation, data and telecommunications cables. LAPP cable glands are constructed from either metal or plastic. Metal glands are suitable for use in more demanding environments, whilst plastic glands have a wider cable entry range and are ideal for flexible cables, where high strain relief is required. There are two main thread types on a gland - metric or PG. PG sizes range from PG7 to PG21 and metric sizes range from M6 to M63.

    The IP rating of a gland can also be a key thing to consider when selecting a product. IP rated glands offer extra protection against the ingress of moisture and dust. IP ratings range from IP44 to IP69K, depending on the level of protection required.

    What different cable glands do LAPP sell?

    • LAPP's SKINTOP cable glands offer many benefits over conventional stuffing glands. They are available in either nylon or nickel plated brass and are for standard clamping of earthing to braid. SKINTOP cable glands are available in PG or metric threads and have IP ratings up to IP68 and IP69K. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from ranges including photovoltaics cable glands, halogen-free cable glands, explosion-proof cable glands, and many more
    • LAPP's SKINDICHT cable glands come in either plastic or metal and have metric threads. They come in a variety of different designs and are suitable for many uses. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from ranges including strain relief cable glands, EMC cable glands, special sealing cable glands, and many more

    LAPP are a leading provider of cables and accessories and you can rest assured that any purchase from one of their ranges will deliver a high quality, durable and reliable product.

    What makes LAPP cable glands a top choice in cabling applications?

    LAPP are a global development and manufacturing company, with some 40,000 different cabling and connectivity products available in their extensive catalogue. The business was founded in Stuttgart in 1957, after pioneering an important early development in branded cabling - namely the oil-resistant and flexible ÖLFLEX cable, on which the early company built its leading reputation. Today, LAPP cable glands and other wiring-related products are shipped daily to almost every corner of the planet. The brand has secured around 100 national partners during its successful growth, underpinning the hard-earned LAPP reputation for high quality and durability among the many industries and applications in which its products are now routinely used.

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