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    Cynergy3 Flow Sensors

    Cynergy3 flow sensors are also commonly known as flow indicators, flowmeters, flow gauges and liquid meters. They are devices that are used to measure the amount of liquid, gas or vapour that passes through them, also called flow rates. Typical flow sensors contain a transmitter, transducer, and a primary medium connection device to accurately measure the flow rate of a gas, liquid, or vapour.

    Types of flow sensors

    Paddlewheel flow sensors or turbine sensors are the most common flow sensors used. They are small and compact but are capable of performing large capacity measurements.

    Variable area flowmeters or rota flow meters are commonly used for flow measurement of gases and fluids. This type of flow sensor is cost-efficient and simple to use due to its linear output.

    Magnetic-inductive sensors are less commonly used, they are used to detect and measure medium temperature, consumed quantity and volumetric flow quantity.

    At RS Components we provide a wide range of Cynergy3 flow sensors and switches, including digital sensors, sensor switches with and without indicators, paddle flow switches and in-line flow switches.

    Typical applications

    Applications of Cynergy3 flow sensors vary depending on the specifications and model of the flow sensor; therefore it is important to check the requirements of the application against the specification of the flow sensor. Typical applications include:

    • Water treatment
    • Cooling systems
    • Industrial Washing Systems
    • Irrigation

    Cynergy3 is at the forefront of RF relay technology and provides high-quality products that are rigorously tested to provide the best performance and accuracy. Quality and innovation are at the centre of Cynergy3. Find a wide range of Cynergy3 flow sensors at RS Components where we strive to give you the best offers from our supplier and to promptly deliver in the shortest time.

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