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    FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras, Range of cameras, Flir One Edge, CX5

    About Teledyne FLIR

    Teledyne FLIR designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes technologies that enhance perception and awareness. We bring innovative sensing solutions into daily life through our thermal imaging, visible-light imaging, video analytics, measurement and diagnostic, and advanced threat detection systems. Teledyne FLIR offers a diversified portfolio that serves a number of applications in government & defence, industrial, and commercial markets. Our products help first responders and military personnel protect and save lives, promote efficiency within the trades, and innovate consumer-facing technologies. Teledyne FLIR strives to strengthen public safety and well-being, increase energy and time efficiency, and contribute to healthy and intelligent communities.

    Featured products

    Ex Pro Series with IgniteTM helps find, report and fix issues before they impact your business.

    A Thermal Camera for Every Budget

    • Ex Pro Series with IgniteTM helps find, report and fix issues before they impact your business.
    • Rugged and easy to use with intuitive touch screen display, removable battery, and built-in lens protection
    • Suitable for most thermography applications including electrical, mechanical and building envelope inspection.
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    Acoustic Imaging Camera

    FLIR Si124 Acoustic Imaging Camera

    • Find compressed air leaks, partial electric discharge & corona faster
    • Reduce your energy and maintenance costs, improve factory reliability
    • Extremely easy to use with virtually no need for dedicated training
    • Available in 3 versions, adapted to your application and budget

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    Introducing the FLIR Si124 Acoustic Imaging Camera | find compressed air leaks fast

    The FLIR Si124 is an intelligent, easy-to-use imaging system designed to visually show pressurized leaks in compressed air systems and display partial discharge problems in high-voltage electrical systems.

    FLIR One Edge

    FLIR One Edge

    "Compatible with the NEW iPhone 15 The FLIR ONE Edge is an innovative and rugged thermal imager that allows you to easily inspect hard-to-reach areas from any position or angle. Connect the camera wirelessly to your smart device so you can inspect out-of-view targets – or clip it onto your phone or tablet for one-handed operation."

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    Thermal Imaging

    FLIR TG267

    The FLIR TG267 takes you beyond the limitations of single-spot IR thermometers to both see and evaluate the hot and cold spots that can indicate serious issues. Ideal for commercial electrical, facility maintenance, and HVAC applications, this advanced thermal camera with a brilliant 2.4 inch screen reduces diagnostic time while simplifying repair and maintenance reporting.

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    FLIR VS290-32

    FLIR T540

    The Flir T540 is designed to support advanced thermographs and IR service consultants in the power generation, electrical distribution, and manufacturing industries by focusing on resolution, speed, and ergonomics. With the 180° rotating optical block, vibrant LCD display, and streamlined form factor, the T500-Series offers inspectors the necessary tools to support comprehensive inspections in challenging conditions, especially when equipment is obstructed from view or difficult to access.

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