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    Flir Thermal Imaging Cameras

    As a handheld non-contact device, thermal imaging cameras, also referred to as Thermographic Cameras or Infrared (IR) Cameras, enables you to capture precise images in low-light, difficult to see settings. The Flir Thermal Imaging Camera is a revolutionary new tool with the ability to see otherwise invisible infrared radiation with precise detection, regardless of environment.

    Whether you are using thermal imaging cameras for professional or personal applications, Flir can help you locate and troubleshoot issues faster than before.

    If you want to make your job easier by having detailed information about objects that you want to see without actually seeing them, then Flir has the right solution for you.

    What are thermal imaging cameras used for?

    Ultimately, thermal imaging cameras allow the user to see infrared radiation in real-time, something that is impossible to do with the human eye alone, and then convert this heat into an image. For instance, all objects that have a temperature above zero will give off thermal energy. The warmer an object is, the more thermal energy it emits. Flir thermographic cameras can detect anything that produces a heat – warmer areas appear as red, orange, and yellow, whilst the cooler areas show as blue or purple.

    Many different industries can benefit from a Flir thermal imaging camera, as the images can be immediately used for diagnosis problems with machinery or illness, or saved for further evaluation.

    Features and Benefits

    • Seamlessly integrate with smartphones - FLIR offer thermal cameras, such as the FLIR One Pro, designed to connect to Android devices or connect to iPhones
    • Beneficial use in a range of industries (including firefighting, search and rescue, animal care, agriculture, building design, energy management, industrial inspection, facility operations and maintenance, transportation safety, and more)
    • Designed to capture optimum image detail in any environment, even through fog or smoke
    • No interference with operator's view
    • Detect heat leaks and other energy inefficiencies
    • RS also offer a calibration service if required. See more about our calibration services


    The Flir range is available in a variety of applications, so you can select the right camera for the job. Some of the most common applications include:
    • Automotive Industry – Mechanics benefit use for temperature sensors and other engine diagnostics
    • Construction – Building inspectors use cameras and thermal images for detecting leaks in heating systems and for checking insulation
    • Power and Energy Distribution – To detect inefficiencies within powerline inspections
    • Electrical engineering – Great for identifying hotspots in electrical enclosures and potential equipment failures caused by overheating
    • Fire Service – Firefighters use thermal imaging cameras to localise fire hotspots and to see through smoke
    • Medical – Can be used to detect abnormalities in human and animal temperatures by doctors, nurses, and vets
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