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    Testo Thermal Imaging Cameras

    Testo thermal imaging cameras also commonly called infrared cameras (IR cameras) are handheld and compact non-contact devices that are used to capture detailed images in low-light areas. Thermal cameras work by detecting infrared energy or heat and converting this heat into an image. An IR camera will detect an object with a temperature higher than zero, the higher the temperature of the object more thermal energy will be emitted.

    Types of Thermal Imaging Cameras

    At RS Components we offer a wide range of different Testo thermal imaging cameras to best meet the needs of the application and environment. Depending on the device the temperature measurement range will vary, we offer a wide range from -30°C → +100 °C to 0°C → +650 °C to provide accurate and effective performance in any environment. Testo cameras are also produced with either a fixed or manual focus type which is dependent on the specific application of the device.

    Typical applications

    Infrared cameras are typically used for troubleshooting, ensuring that machinery is performing correctly and effectively. They are also used to identify any potential hot spots in an area.

    Specific applications of thermal cameras include:

    • Electrical engineering to find hotspots in enclosures
    • Fire service to see through smoke and aid fire localisation
    • Automotive industry for engine diagnostics
    • Medical applications to detect fevers

    Testo is the world market leader in measurement technology and provides innovative and efficient technology to customers across the globe. At RS Components we offer a wide spectrum of Testo measurement devices and products including thermal imaging cameras. Find a wide range of Testo products in stock at RS Components where we strive to give you the best offers from our suppliers and to promptly deliver in the shortest time.

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