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    Carlo Gavazzi

    Carlo Gavazzi

    Via Milano 13, Lainate, I-20045, Italy
    Montage of various industry sectors served by Carlo Gavazzi

    Leaders in Automation Components Since 1931

    Carlo Gavazzi is an international group active in designing, manufacturing, and marketing electronic equipment. Automation Components is the core business operated by Carlo Gavazzi Group.

    Automation Components designs and manufactures electronic control components for the global building and industrial automation markets in its ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified factories in Italy, Lithuania, Malta and China.

    The products (sensors, solid state relays, energy meters, energy management systems, monitoring relays, soft starters, timers, safety devices and fieldbus systems) provide automation solutions for the industrial and building automation markets.

    Typical customers are original equipment manufacturers of EV Charging Stations, PV Energy Storage Systems, Food and Beverage, Semiconductors, HVAC, Mobile Equipment, Agriculture, Plastic Machinery, Access Controls, Energy and Building Efficiency, Data Centers, Conveyors.

    System integrators and distributors are other effective channels to the market.  The products are marketed across Europe, America, and Asia-Pacific through a network of 22 own sales companies and around 60 independent national distributors.

    IO-Link sensors improve machine performance by providing increased availability of data, standardised wiring, remote configuration, monitoring and simple device replacement.

    Carlo Gavazzi sensors add functionality to applications as well as, precision detection and outstanding performance.

    • PD and LD Series of photoelectric sensors for detection of objects and various surface conditions are made even smarter with IO-Link communication.
    • CA18 and CA30 4th Generation TRIPLESHIELD™ IO-Link capacitive sensors offer superior electromagnetic immunity and refined sensitivity adjustment with stability indication.
    • The IBS, ICS, ICB and ICF Inductive sensors meet all the needs any industry sector demands whilst supporting IO-Link for the future smart factory.

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    A comprehensive range of solid state relays for both AC and DC, 1 and 3 phase switching applications.  Frequently used in the plastics, packaging, food processing, semiconductor and HVAC industries.

    Carlo Gavazzi solid state relays

    SSRs provide fast reliable and accurate silent switching. They perform a large number of switching cycles without breakdown due to no moving parts to fail or wear out. This ensures a long term stable solution.
    Screw, spring or faston terminal versions suit a variety of industrial applications. Offering integrated monitoring of loads and a selection of switching types eg. zero switching as well as high resistance to shock and vibration, low power consumption and a wide voltage range.

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    A broad range of soft starts and motor reversing solutions for single and three phase squirrel cage AC induction motors as well as variable frequency drives (VFDs).

    Carlo Gavazzi soft starts and variable frequency drives

    RSBS, RSBD, RSBT and HDMS are designed for use with scroll compressors. RSGD and RSGT are suited to applications such as centrifugal pumps, ventilators, dryers, mixers, fans, hydraulic pumps and piston compressors. Designed with a self-learning algorithm for ease of use and efficient load matching, using a soft start can lengthen the life of any motor installation by reducing the mechanical load on the motor. RVLF general purpose VFD offers easy to perform parameter configurations.

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    Carlo Gavazzi leads the way in energy-conscious applications, with a full and varied product portfolio.

    Carlo Gavazzi energy meters and power analysers

    A wide range of energy management products include easy to use MID certified energy and utility meters, power analysers and current transformers, cyber secure energy management software and accessories. Providing solutions for submetering and cost allocation applications for both industrial, residential, commercial and power generation applications where accuracy, electrical variables, analysis and communication are vital when reducing your carbon footprint.

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    A comprehensive range of monitoring relays

    Carlo Gavazzi monitoring relays and power supplies

    A comprehensive range of monitoring relays are available for the detection of phase loss, incorrect phase sequence, phase unbalance, over/under current, over/under load, over/under frequency, over/under voltage and over temperature. The perfect solution for monitoring current, voltage, power, power factors, 3 phase systems motor temperature and current transformers.

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